Frequently Asked Questions


What makes TrenDigi™ unique?

In short, TrenDigi provides its clients with quality assurance, qualified team members, enthusiastic & thoughtful talents, precise delivery time, confidentiality guarantee, and wide range of customization. For more details, click here.

What is TrenDigi specialized in?

TrenDigi offers full range of services from system solutions, software development, app development, visual design and production, strategic and creative planning, to Internet marketing. The only one objective is to improve the performance and competitiveness of our clients by offering the best quality of service that covers all your needs.

Where does TrenDigi offer its professional service?

TrenDigi offers different kinds of services worldwide. We have talents working together worldwide, and most of the work can be delivered via the Internet. Technical and sales support team will come along if necessary.

How long should I expect the quote from your professional representative?

The length of time depends on how detailed your requirements are. Our professional representative will contact you at their earliest convenience. They will guide you through the whole progress starting with a NDA signing and so on.


One-year warranty on the services such as outsourced job? Really?

Yes! Really! The one-year warranty is our guarantee of quality. All services and products are warranted against defects in for a period of one year from the date of delivery (“Warranty Period”). TrenDigi will do all the bug fixes or minor changes to the functionality. TrenDigi will not be held liable for damage to any due to human factors such as modifying the source code, improper usage, or abnormal testing…etc. If a defect occurs please use our contact form at, call +886-3-493-4258, or contact your sales representative directly to file a warranty claim.

How do I make sure that every work and job done at TrenDigi is legitimate and not involved in any of the infringement act?

The work and job being delivered (“deliverable”) to our clients will be 100% guarantee that every detail is originally work done at TrenDigi. Under the contract, there is a statement says, “If an infringement is claimed on the copyright, your deliverable in our registry will provide strong evidence of your copyright ownership from the date of registration. At your request, we can produce copies of the work registered, stating the registration date. This can be used as evidence in any legal case to verify your claims or concerns.”


Lifetime updates with bug fixes and new features on the products such as system solutions and apps?

TrenDigi will keep the maintenance up for the system solutions and apps. You will be able to enjoy the newest updates with bug fixes and new features lifetime.


How do I make sure the business related information would be held in confidence?

Confidentiality Guarantee is our promise. Duty of Confidentiality is strictly enforced to ensure the information of a client is held in confidence. For more information, click here.

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